The Hummer Adventure Challenge is an organized competitive off-road event designed to be fun and challenging for all skill levels. During the challenge you will encounter a number of competetive events that will test many of your off-road driving, and other outdoor skills. In order to participate in the event you must bring those items listed on the required items list.
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  1. Polaroid camera (or digital with ability to print pictures on the trail).
  2. Stapler
  3. GPS (Global Positioning System capable of plotting off road waypoints)
  4. Vehicle safety inspection completed by an authorized Hummer repair facility. Inspectionform.pdf
  5. FRS frequency radio with extra batteries.
  6. 20,000 lb. or better tow strap and at least 2 shackles.
  7. Stopwatch or watch with second hand
  8. First-Aid kit
  1. Winch & winch controller
  2. Winch accessory kit with snatchblock
  3. Off-road driving lights
  4. Hand-Held searchlight / flashlights
  5. Hand tools
  6. Spare parts & fluids
  7. Terra Trip rally computer
  8. Waterproof boots / clothes
  9. Shotgun & Ammunition for sporting clays
  10. Water & food storage (cooler, fridge, etc.)
  11. Extra fuel capacity
  12. Spare Tire